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27th May 2024

FPS provide a range of firestopping services to our clients.


  1. Sealing up rooms with sensitive computer equipment for the changeover to Argon.
  2. Pressure sealing ICU wards to contain infectious diseases, and airborne illnesses.
  3. Firesealing Server Rooms after the installation FM200 systems.


  1. Boarding of beams and columns using calcium silicate boards, in various thicknesses according to the spec and rating required.
  2. Rockwool beamclad systems also available.


  1. Insulating soffits for thermal conductivity and eliminating cold bridging. Various different systems available.


  1. Fire protection for the following pipes, ABS, PVC, PP and HDPE.
  2. Firestopping to all service penetrations.
  3. Cementitous and Gypsum mortars for wall and floor opes, mortars can provide structural floor opes if nessecary.
  4. Fire protection to edge of floor slabs with various different products, allowances for building movement and wind load.
  5. Fire rated mastic joints, including joints with variable tolerences.
  6. Fire barrier curtains including mineral wool and cloth up 120 minutes.
  7. Upgrading of timber floors to give 1 hour fireprotection and excellent acoustic benefits.


  1. Fire protection of fume cupboard extract ducts, and external supply ducts.
  2. Fire protection and Insulation of sprinkler systems, and Dry riser pipes.
  3. Fire protection of upto 2 hours for Kitchen extract ducts.
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